About Us

Nothing But The Grape came about from our enjoyment of seeking out really good organic wines, from vineyards whose work amongst the vines and in the cellar we admire and of course, whose wine we take pleasure in?. And, what greater pleasure is there than sharing a bottle of wine with those you know will appreciate it too? We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand and build a lasting relationship with our suppliers, who are invariably family run vineyards, as well as investing time with our customers. We want to find wines to suit your individual taste; delicious for entertaining, for dinner parties or simply just for drinking. Nothing But The Grape reaches out to both the private and trade audiences so that everyone can experience the pleasure of dealing with people who not only care about what they do but are dedicated to making the grape to table experience both interesting and rewarding.

Magnus Birch (25) learned about wine first hand at his father's organic vineyard in the South of France and has inherited his father's passion for good wines. He has recently completed his degree from Exeter in Business Management and this is his first step into the business world, thereby combining his skills in an area he thoroughly enjoys.

Rupert Birch - Magnus' father is the wise old sage in the background !  Rupert spent 20 years in investment banking, followed by 10 years building up his own organic vineyard in the South of France. From tilling the soil, to making the wines and to selling them to all the local Michelin starred restaurants, there is little he has not learned about growing, making and selling wines.
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