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Bodega Robles

Where are they?

The home of the Organic vineyard is in Villargallegos, located between Cordoba and Malaga, in the state of Andalusia. Denomination of Origin of Montilla Moriles.

How big is the vineyard?

They currently have 40 hectares, 10 of which are organic and the other 30 are in conversion stage, so in 1-2 years 100% their wines will be organic.

The story

Antonia José and his wife Pilar founded Bodegas Robles in 1927 and since then the vineyard has been producing great wines. It was at the end of the 90s when they converted to Organic methods and it is Pablo, Francis and Marisa, their grandchildren, who now lead the vineyard which is why Pablo describes Bodegas Robles as “ not just a wonderful place to work – it is home.”

Francisco, Pablo’s father, was the innovator who introduced the current pressing system, imported the American oak botas, and continues to help make the fine winemaking process a place where artisan techniques work hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology.

In 1999, they launched their organic wines “Piedra Luenga” which makes them the first and only certified organic wine of Andalusia submitted to a Denomination of Origin. They use indigenous wild species such as "trebolina", poppies, pulses, etc. and short-root and nitrogen-fixing species. These reduce soil erosion, maintain humidity, increase soil permeability and improve levels of nutrients in the vines and native fauna. They are constantly searching for improvement whether it is planting hedges for the insects, fermenting with natural organic yeasts or investing in renewable energy and biomass.

The climate is hot, long and dry summers with short winters, which results in the wine naturally obtaining 15 degrees ABV, so there is no necessity to add distilled alcohol to it. This gives the wine more natural characteristics and more delicate flavors and aromas.

“They have a spiritual and romantic side. Wines obtained naturally and that provide you with this pleasure have a magic dimension”.  - David Seijas, Sommelier in El Bulli, Nariz de Oro 2006