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Il Cerchio

Where are they?

Capalbio is situated 60 km south of Grosseto, on the SS1 (Aurelia), 130 km north of Rome.

How big is the vineyard?

Their 9 hectares are divided between a vineyard (3 hectares), an olive grove, a small reforestation area, and a little arable land given over in part to pasture for their now old but happy horse.

Grape Varieties

Ansonica, Vermentino, Sangiovese, Alicante

The Story

Corinna, Valentio and their son Beniamino used to live in Milan with an architecture and town-planning consultancy. Then in 1988, with the idea of removing themselves from city life and preparing for their retirement, they bought a farm. They found one which was full of old character, with almost 9 hectares of land including a small vineyard, a few olive trees, and a whole lot of arable land. They spent years travelling back and forth between Milan and the farm but as they were getting so much pleasure from Nature they decided to move completely in 1992.

The fertilisers used are completely organic, the vine protection treatments are mostly carried out using copper and sulphur and pest control is entirely mechanical. The grape harvest is carried out manually only when optimum maturity is reached. The grapes are collected in small boxes and immediately moved to the winery to eliminate possible damage to grapes. The vinification is traditional with a long maceration for the red, while the white is produced at a controlled temperature.

Organic is a philosophy. It means respecting the earth, not attacking it with chemical substances that pollute it and that make it sterile, helping it to stay alive and productive with organic fertilizers. It means caring for the crops with natural substances, without chemical fungicides or pesticides that inevitably leave dangerous residues in the fruit. And it means working without running the risk of ingesting or absorbing possible carcinogens.

In short, they produce delicious wines cleanly that follow the rhythms of nature and without putting the future of our precious planet at risk. Sounds pretty good to us.