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Vignoble Clement Klur

Where are they ?

Katzenthal is located in the centre of Alsace, in a small valley, which protects the vines from the west winds and strong weather conditions. The main feature of Katzenthal is its 500 million year old crevasse, which has a massive impact on the regions soil (mainly limestone and clay), and by definition, also on the wines that are produced there.

How big is the vineyard ?

The vineyard consists of 7 hectares of vines, with an average age of 35, although some of the vines are 60 years old.

The Story

The Klur vineyard is a family business which has existed since 1999, but their tradition of winegrowing and production goes back to the 17th century. For more than 10 years they have been farming with organic and biodynamic principles in the vineyards and cellars. The successful relationship between ground and vines is based on the constant care and attention from the family and their small team.

This philosophy means they adopt a number of specific techniques, whether in the vines or in the cellar. Thus, they use specially prepared compost, they leave the surrounding stone walls and hedges untouched, and they plant fruit trees in the vines to help ensure a harmonious and well balanced environment. The team works manually in all aspects of planting, grape picking, maintaining the vines or working the grounds with traditional tools.

They have a wonderful sense of humour and character which you can see by the way they name their two type of wines (!):

Wines for your Mondays - for moments of conviviality, your meals.
Wines for your Sundays - more complex and for precious moments.