Why Organic Wine?

We are a small independent wine importer specialising in fine organic wines. We put an emphasis on 'fine' wine... just because a wine is an organic wine, it does not make it a good wine. However, we do believe that all good wine comes from good grapes and we believe that organic methods of farming can produce the ripest and healthiest grapes, which in turn can produce wines of the highest quality.

All our wines are from vineyards whose ethos and philosophy we admire; where they respect and nurture their soil, their vines and their grapes, in order to reflect the best of their terroir and produce the finest wines possible.

At the moment, there is no official charter for organic wines - they are actually "wines produced from grapes that have been grown organically". In essence, this means that what happens out in the vineyard is controlled and monitored - no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are allowed, and weed killers are replaced by old fashioned mechanical (or human) means of weeding. This is obviously more labour-intensive than conventional farming methods but the rewards are clear for all to see, in the shape of healthier vines, soils teeming with insects and other living organisms, and a decreasing need for any spraying treatments at all as the vines' natural defenses take over from mankind's. If you are driving past vines and see a flat billiard table soil, it is likely to be conventionally farmed; if, on the other hand, the earth has been turned and there are grasses and wildflowers growing between the vines, it is likely to be organic - and the vines will invariably reflect the health of the soil.

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