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- why buy organic, vegan and biodynamic -

There is a lot of confusing information out there, but we will try to answer this question as clearly as possible.

Organic and Biodynamic methods of farming show maximum respect for the environment and use minimal chemical intervention.  More and more people are questioning the wisdom of applying massive amounts of poison to our fruits and vegetables and conventially grown grapes used for the production of wine are one of the worst culprits. Pesticides are neither good for our health or the insects and wildlife that are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. This has to be the most important reason as to why we should support the Organic message.

Wines produced Organically are generally much lower in Sulphites and preservatives which are often added to mass produced wines to improve the flavour , blend different wines together and prolong the shelf life. The results for some people can be nasty headaches and for others more severe reactions. Sulphites do occur naturally in wines and have been used for centuries in the wine making process. The preservatives and chemicals added to more conventional wines will be contributing to peoples headaches possibly more than the sulphites. 

It may not matter to a lot of consumers as to whether they are drinking Vegan wines or not but if you adhere to a strict Vegan lifestyle you should be . During the conventional wine making process animal and fish products will be used to filter out, proteins, yeasts, residues and cloudiness and give the wine that clear cleaner look.  Vegan wines use vegetable based products or products that are not derived from animals. Whether you are Vegan or not you may also prefer to drink wine that has not been in contact with the above.

Here at Nothing but the grape we feel the flavour of wine made by more traditional methods of farming is superior, kinder to our health and the environment. 

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